Welcome to Chris-Lanceley.com: I'm A Terrible Actor.

I am the greatest actor to grace New York City, hire me on all your jobs. If you take away nothing else for this, make it that.

2016, my first year in the US, was great. I got my first TV role (on Blue Bloods), more commercials than I knew what to do with, an award winning play at the Origin Theatre Festival. Great foundations in my new city. 2017...is a graveyard. Don't get me wrong, I've been pinned for roles on TV and in national commercials but I've only converted once! Huge thanks to Assembly Films who I worked with on an O'Charley's Commercial last year for booking me a second time last month. Good job I've loved working with them on both occasions!

What am I doing wrong? Well according to my agent and the reasonable part of my brain, not much. Getting so close on such a regular basis means I'm doing a lot right. It gives my agent ammunition to talk me up and it builds those relationships with casting directors. Rob Decina's office pinned me for Shades of Blue and they've kindly brought me back a couple of times in later episodes on the season.

However. None. Of. This. Matters. Because...the reasonable part of my brain isn't in charge. I am an actor after all. If I'm not booking a new job on a daily basis then my career is a failure and I'm a terrible actor.

That said, I've decided I could be doing more. I'm going to make One On One my second home. I'm going to make the gym my third home. I'm going to make theatres around NYC my fourth homes. I'm not going to spend any time in my actual home (someone feed the cats). I'm gona' send out postcards 'till there's a stamp shortage and I'm gona' make sure that after travelling 3,306 miles to get here from Liverpool, I'll be taking that extra mile to reach my goals.

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